Living in a post-modern Age, how should Christians stand firm and logically defend the faith? How can we speak with confidence to atheists, agnostics and skeptics? What are the facts and evidences that support our faith in the reality of God and Jesus Christ?

Dr Steve Kumar is an author, teacher, speaker, and apologist committed to answering the tough questions of the skeptics and equipping believers with the tools to think more clearly about their faith.

For almost thirty years Dr Kumar has been actively involved in speaking and writing about apologetics, philosophy and faith. As a prominent New Zealand Christian apologist, he is a sought-after speaker in academic and church settings around the world. He is a frequent guest on television, radio, and news media programs and is an influential voice on issues that relate to the credibility of the Christian truth claims.

As well as acting as the apologetics lecturer at the Excel School of Performing Arts for over 13 years, Dr Kumar has been a regular guest speaker at more than twelve colleges and campuses around New Zealand and throughout the world. He has debated several notable skeptics and atheists, including Dr Alister Gunn (head of philosophy at the University of Waikato), Professor Keith Campbell (Head of Philosophy at Sydney University), and Dr Bill Cook, president of the NZ Rationalist society.

He co-founded and was president of the New Zealand Evangelical Apologetics Society and since then has been involved in working alongside christian thinkers, activists, church-planters, and pastors. With a passion for communicating ideas in a way that is accessible and lively, Dr Kumar has spoken at many denominational settings, including camps, conferences, and church gatherings.

He has authored a number of books including Think Why You Believe, Answering the Counterfeit, and Christianity for the Skeptics, which particularly has been recognised as an approachable and even-handed defense of the Christian faith and recently won the ‘Angel Award’ for excellence in media.

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5 Responses to “Dr Steve Kumar”

  1. Steve,
    It surely has been a long time! You spoke at my DTS at the Oakridge base in 2000! The rationality that you spoke never left me. It was such a huge impression of logical thinking. Thank you for imparting to me. I finally found a used copy of your book, which is how I found your blog here. I regret not buying it all those years ago! I hope that at some point you tour the USA! I have a couple of stops for you. Thank you again.

  2. […] for orchestrating and managing the event. Make sure you mark this in your calendar. What: Dr Steve Kumar speaking on Faith and Reason When: Tuesday, 17th March 7-9pm Where: Lecture Room 2, Laidlaw […]

  3. Dear Dr. Kumar,

    It was great to discover this blog today. May the good Lord help you to show the reasonableness of the Christian faith to many!!

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

  4. Steve Cantwell Says:

    Dear Steve,

    Your work continues to impress upon me, and provides an invaluable framework, from which I derive many of the answers I present to students here; that entire generation which has – in so many ways – lost its bearings, and runs disarrayed in confusion and despair.

    As, we are called, in our defense of the hope we have in Christ Jesus, I continually reflect upon the apologetic you have clearly presented – and bolstered by your fellows – present the simple gospel with confidence in the knowledge that Christ has overcome this world; especially in the sphere of academia, where the collision of experiential angst and pathos against that aplomb of secularism and humanistic philosophy occur. Christ is risen! What hope there is for a world that lacks meaning and passion…

    Many blessings, and I hope we can touch base soon,

    In Christ,


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